Cold Juice

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Cold Jui$e’s real name is Tanaka Charles Jackman. The artist was born in Zimbabwe in 1994 and has 3 other siblings. Cold Jui$e has finished his last year at High School and wishes to continue his education at A level studying Music or attend college to study Music Technology.

Cold Jui$e fell deeply in love with Hip Hop and Rap music in 2007 (he usually says he is married to the game as he sees his music as his “wife” showing commitment and dedication in a creative way on his part). When he first came to the U.K  he made his decision to take his music seriously as his career that he wanted to pursue. Cold Jui$e started his music career at the tender age of 13.  He grew up listening to the likes of Nas, 50 cent, Eminem, Ludacris etc. and he began singing along to those artist’s tunes. Later on he began to not only sing along, but to add his own lyrics as he sang along to those artist’s tunes. Cold Jui$e draws attention to the adding of his own lyrics while singing to other artist’s cd’s in his Mixtape track called “Let me Shine” where he quotes “I was rhyming all day I never knew that I could rap” — meaning he sang along to all the tracks he was listening to and hence developed of his own rapping talent from a tender age.
As an artist his career is influenced by Lil Wayne, Bashy, Wale, J Cole and Tinnie Tempah. He mentions also that those are the main artists that shaped the way he writes, creates and performs his music today.
Cold Jui$e started writing lyrics and dats when his love for his music developed. “Turn My Swag On” was one of the first songs he wrote when he decided to create his first mixtape “Rookie Status”. As he developed as an artist his songs multiplied in numbers as he wrote lyrics nonstop day in and day out. He worked on so many instrumentals and finally decided to divide all his tracks into different mixtapes.
Cold Jui$e was slowly progressing in his music career when a helping hand named “Dampte” (the African born and now UK based artiste) came along. When Dampte met Cold Jui$e and saw the charisma and passion this young artist has for music, Dampte decided to assist Cold Jui$e on his pursuit of musical recognition and success. Dampte later took Cold Jui$e to his first ever professional recording session in June/July of 2011 and from there the two have worked together in their quest to advance and fulfil their music statuses. Cold Jui$e mentions “The letters D.A.M.P.T.E  are the letters of his Calling” and also adds  “Dampte is like ‘The Birdman’ in his Lil Wayne like life.  Dampte took him in as his mentor and music manager. “I don’t want to be the best…Its deeper than Rap, It NOT about making it…Its deeper than That”, Cold Jui$e says, “I have been at the bottom of the bottom and the only direction is UP!”.  He also mentions his Mother (Ivy Jackman) as the biggest influence in his life and music career, as he simply puts it, “She Is The Reason! For his Passion and Determination to be a success in life”. He clearly shows this in his song dedicated to his Mother called “Letter to Mum-A 1000 kisses”.

Dampte Confirms Rumors of his Latest Video

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Dampte and Bugatti Music Group today confirmed the widely spread rumor that they will in fact be releasing this Saturday, December 10th, his stylishly hot new video and single “Go Get Her” with his fast growing club audience and fans in mind. This new single will be available for sale on iTunes worldwide and other major outlets.

This release follows fast on the heels of his massively successful single named “Are You Ready” featuring Nappy Boy Tay Dizm released only 2 months ago.

Official website

Video Go Get Her