Bugatti Music Group was founded to showcase, develop and promote Hip Hop, R and B, Pop, Reggae, High Life, and Dub Step music blended with the international sounds and soul of the African beats.  We seek to promote Afro-beats worldwide.  

Africa, being the second largest continent, is currently comprised of 54 individual countries.  Within those 54 countries lives ethnic groups numbering in the thousands.  Every one of those cultures has it’s own dialect or language, beats, dance moves and customs.  

Music is entwined in the everyday fabric of life for all Africans. They have produced vast amounts of music with their unique and intriguing blend of sounds, beats and rhythms.

The great Miles Davis, two years before his death in 1991, predicted the rise of African beats worldwide.  He predicted that three artists would have the biggest influence: Fela Kuti of Nigeria, the Zouk group Kassav’ of the West Indies, and Prince who was actually from Minneapolis. Africa has also given us the legends of Femi Kuti (son of Fela Kuti), Miriam Makeba, Ladysmith Black Mombazo, the great legend King Sunny Ade (KSA), Ebenezer Obey, and many other Nigerian musical heavy weights.

Currently Hip Hop, R and B, Pop, Reggae, High Life, Dub Step and other forms of music have increasingly the African sounds incorporated within them.  Musicians from around the world travel have been traveling to Africa to be stimulated and immersed in the creative cultures and rhythms of the African soul that is expressed in those beats.


Music is the beat of Life